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Our overarching goal is to make sure that all of our clients - and their estates and trusts - stay out of litigation.  But there are times when litigation may be the only option:

Breach of Trustee Duty
Fraudulent Heirship Claims
Unhappy Family Members
Defending an Accounting
Obtaining an Accounting from a Reluctant Trustee
Auditing an Accounting
Fixing a Botched Trust or Estate Plan
Unsatisfied Beneficiaries
Blended Family Situations
Questions About Mental Capacity
Forged Documents
Damages Caused by a Careless Trustee or Fiduciary
Missing Assets

Trust and estate litigation is a highly specialized area of the law, requiring extensive knowledge of probate court procedures and trust law.  If you are facing estate/trust litigation or believe you have grounds to sue on a trust or estate matter, you need an attorney who will advise you not only as to your rights, but also about your responsibilities and possible liabilities so you can make an informed decision about your case. 

Our combined decades of experience will be at your disposal, and you'll get answers grounded in law and common sense.  We will provide you with an analysis of your case, and a recommendation for an efficient, cost effective solution.  We have guided many of our clients to avoid costly litigation, while still achieving their goals.  But in cases where litigation cannot be avoided, we provide full litigation services.