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Probate is a court-supervised process for distributing the individually owned assets of a deceased person.  The probate process carries a lot of responsibilities and the court process is often daunting, even for lawyers who are not experienced with probate matters.  The Law Offices of Ernest J. Kim can help guide your loved ones through the process as sensitively and completely as possible.  We can provide specific services, or handle the entire probate process so your family doesn't ever need to step into a courtroom.

In Probate court, estate a
ssets are distributed to beneficiaries in accordance to the instructions written in the person's will.  If there is no will, the assets are distributed according to the California Probate Code.  

Estate administration can be complex and estate administrators should seek advice from competent and experienced counsel to guide them through the process.  They must make important decisions - s
ometimes quickly - and they need help to make them wisely. 

Our firm has guided other attorneys through the probate process, and we are ready to assist you or your family.