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Living Trusts are the foundation of any comprehensive estate plan. 
We recommend that every estate plan include:

  • Revocable Trust
  • Pour Over Will/s
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive/s (Healthcare Power of Attorney)
  • Durable Power of Attorney/s
  • Certifications of Trust
  • Assignment/s of property and businesses into the Trust
  • For married couples with community property, a Marital Property Declaration
  • Detailed Instructions for Trust Maintenance
Our Process: 

We provide 30 minute consultations free of charge.  During this complimentary consultation, we review with you your property profile and estate tax considerations, and provide a base fee quote for your plan. 

Once retained, we go over your wishes in detail to document how and under what conditions your assets will pass to your chosen loved ones.   We then prepare all of the documents necessary so you can implement your estate plan. 

In about two to three weeks, we have a signing meeting with you to review all of the documents we have prepared for you, so you can be sure the plan accurately reflects your wishes.  Once the signature and notarizations are completed, you take your original Trust package home with you for safekeeping.   

Our estate planning advice and documents provide you the benefit of our decades of experience.  Your estate plan can include a range of proprietary provisions to minimize taxes, allow for changing circumstances, and protect your family's inheritance.  Utilizing state of the art estate planning software and cutting edge planning techniques, our estate planning documents are the most comprehensive and flexible plans that you can make for your family.   We've brought our experience from working on the complete spectrum of trusts and estate issues, to benefit our trust and estate planning clients.  We've seen to it that our Complete Trusts protect the families they were made for, even when unforeseen complications arise.  Our Complete Trusts have withstood or avoided litigation challenges and fulfilled the intention of our clients exactly as they wished, where other trusts have failed.   In this way, you could say that our clients benefit from the mistakes other estate planners have made in the past.