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We partner with banks and financial institutions throughout California to provide important trust and estate services and legal counsel for the mutual benefit of the bank as well as their customers.  With the increasing use of trusts, and the multitudes of different trust types, banks must be knowledgeable about the ramifications of trust related transactions they provide.  In everything from account set-up to mortgages, Banks must deal with trusts rather than individuals.

Banks and financial institutions dealing with customers who have trusts, or have questions about trusts, are welcome to contact our offices for information. 

For Banks and financial institutions dealing with OUR CLIENTS, we can provide secure real-time online access to client documents - specifically documents required for financial transactions, such as Certifications of Trust, copies of the Trust documents, etc. - once the client has provided us with clearance to do so.

Under California law, banks and financial institutions who handle transactions with
Trustees must do so pursuant to California Probate Code, including Section 18100.5, which requires the acceptance of a "Certification of Trust" in lieu of a complete copy of the actual trust.  We provide each of our living trust clients with at least two complete and fully executed "Certification of Trust" originals for use in financial transactions.