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The sudden illness or death of a loved one is an unthinkable event, and a grave hardship on the rest of the family.  Should the family also have to worry about going to court, paying bills, and paying taxes? 

The greatest gift you can give your family is your guidance and planning to help them through these most difficult times in their lives.

Attorneys Ernest Kim and his wife, Catherine Kim, are certified by the State Bar of California as  Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law

Since 1995, we have assisted countless families with their estate planning needs.  Many of our clients consulted with multiple attorneys before choosing to make their estate plans with our firm.  The reason for our success is that we continually research best practices in the estate planning field, and can provide more creative options and strategies to meet our clients' goals. 

As a result, our estate planning documents include proprietary provisions to minimize taxes, allow for changing circumstances, and protect the family's inheritance.  Utilizing state of the art estate planning software and cutting edge planning techniques, our estate planning documents are the most comprehensive and flexible plans that you can make for your family.

Your estate plan - the most important documents you will ever sign.  The plan will dictate the distribution of your entire life's savings, provide for your family in case of your death or illness, and will profoundly affect future generations of your family.  Since your estate plan will affect your family and your wealth, you should insist that you receive the best legal advice available. 

We invite you to consult with us and discover why our clients refer to our trusts as the "complete" trust.